Elan Touchpad Driver Download, Install and Update on Windows PC

This a complete troubleshooting guide on how to download, install and update the Elan touchpad driver in Windows 10. Read till the end to know which is the ideal way to do that.

No doubt, that Mouse is irreplaceable but for offering more convenience to the users while working on the laptops, touchpad technology is designed. But, it keeps lagging down in providing the best computing experience to its users due to numerous problems, such as regular touchpad crashes, touchpad disabled, touchpad freezing, or whatnot. Apart from these, outdated touchpad drivers are the major issue that causes touchpad drivers not working problem.

After seeing so many complaints on the web regarding the wrong working of touchpad drivers, we have decided to create a troubleshooting guide. In this write-up, we will share the easiest tricks to download the Elan touchpad driver on Windows 10 and explain the numerous other fixes to solve the touchpad not working issue.

Before we shift towards the methods, here is a quick overview of what the Elan touchpad driver is.

What is an Elan Touchpad Driver

The Elan touchpad driver is a suite that helps the laptop to communicate well with the firmware of your laptop’s touchpad. The up-to-date driver package enables the effective functioning of your laptop’s touchpad. Whereas, outdated Elan touchpad drivers snatch down the smooth performance and make every task a big failure. Hence, it is crucial to keep the respective drivers always up-to-date.

Ideal Way to Download and Update Elan Touchpad Driver

To download the Elan touchpad drivers automatically hassle-free, use Bit Driver Updater. It is a supreme solution for all driver-related problems. The well-known tool can update all the outdated drivers in one click. Below is the link to get Bit Driver Updater for FREE.

Windows-Download button

Methods to Download, Install and Update Elan Touchpad Driver in Windows 10

Originally, there are mainly four approaches to perform the driver download for the Elan touchpad. Below we have described each method completely. Let’s read about them!

Method 1: Manually Download the Latest Elan Touchpad Driver via Manufacturer’s Official Website

The first and foremost, way to install the update touchpad driver is the official website.  But, this method is only suitable, when the user has adequate technical skills, especially about the drivers. For novices, this might not be fruitful. So, if you have the required skills then, by following the steps mentioned below you can fix the common driver problem by keeping the drivers up-to-date.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the touchpad manufacturer.

Step 2: After this, detect the Windows operating system and find the most suitable drivers as per your Windows operating system.

Step 3: Next, make a click on the driver file to download it.

Step 4: Run the downloaded driver file by double-clicking on it and later, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the driver installation on your system.

The above procedure will perform the driver download for the Elan touchpad. As we have mentioned above, this method is not an accurate option for beginners. Hence, it is suggested to move on to other methods mentioned below.

Method 2: Use Device Manager to Download and Install Elan Touchpad Driver

Another manual way to find and install the latest Elan touchpad drivers on Windows is – Device Manager. It is an in-built Windows program that can manage Windows drivers. With this program, the user can roll back, update, uninstall and disable the drivers. To work with this method, you need to follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open Device Manager by pressing the Windows logo and X keyboard keys at a time.

Step 2: Next, choose Device Manager from the quick access menu list that appears.

choose Device Manager

Step 3: Now, in a Device Manager window, navigate to the Mice and other Pointing Devices category. Later, make a double click on it to expand the same category.

Step 4: After this, click right on the Elan touchpad to select Update Driver from the context menu list.

Update Driver Software

Step 5: In the next wizard, choose Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.

choose Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software

That’s it! Now, the Windows in-built functionality starts looking for the latest drivers. And, if in case, it sees any updates available then it will install them too automatically. But, sometimes, it lags to install the most suitable drivers. Therefore, we advise you to adopt the automatic methods for finding and installing the real drivers.

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Method 3: Run Windows Update to Get Latest Elan Touchpad Driver

Many times, the touchpad doesn’t work properly due to the outdated Windows operating system. In that case, you need to keep your Windows operating system version up-to-date always. Below is the step-by-step procedure to run Windows Update in order to update Elan Touchpad driver.

Step 1: Go to the search box of your Windows and type Settings inside the box. Then, choose the best match from the searched results.

Choose Settings

Step 2: Once you have reached the Windows Settings, then find Update & Security from the available options and make a click on it.

click on the Update & Security option


Step 3: Later, select Windows Update from the left menu pane and then click on the Check for Updates option from the right pane.

select Windows Update

Now, Windows will start checking for the updates, if it will find any update live then it will install it automatically. Windows update not only downloads or installs the latest Windows Update or drivers, but also brings improvements to bugs, new advanced features, security patches, and whatnot.

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Method 4: Automatically Install Elan Touchpad Driver using Driver Updater Tool (Highly-Recommended)

The above methods are a bit cumbersome especially for the users who have no expertise in the technical realm. Along with it, as these are manual methods hence, it takes quite a long to update the drivers. Here driver updater tools come, to find and update drivers with ease. There are numerous driver updater tools available, out of all, we recommend you to try Bit Driver Updater. It is an absolute driver update software that comes with a magnificent combination of system optimizer and driver updater.

The tool comes in two versions i.e., Free version or Pro version. Talking about the free version, then Bit Driver Updater allows its users to access the basic features. Whereas, the pro version of the software lets users access all the advanced and basic features endlessly. Not only that, but the working of Bit Driver Update is also pretty easy and effortless. Here are the simple steps that users need to follow in order to update drivers using Bit Driver Updater:

Step 1: Download the Bit Driver Updater for free from the link given below.

Windows-Download button
Step 2: Then, run the software setup file by making a double click on it and then, click on the Next option to start the installation of Bit Driver Updater.

Step 3: Once installation is finished, then open the driver updater on your system, and from the left pane, make a click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning.

Bit Driver Updater-Best Driver Updater

Step 4: After this, wait until scanning is done, then review the list of the Elan touchpad driver and click on the Update Now button reflected next to it.

Update All Driver with Bit Driver Updater

That’s it! Within 4 simple steps and you have updated the Elan touchpad driver in Windows 10. In addition to this, you can update the other outdated, faulty, or missing drivers as well just by clicking on the Update All button instead of Update Now.

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Elan Touchpad Driver Download, and Install on Windows 10 – Done

Thus, you can make your touchpad work again by keeping its respective drivers always up-to-date. Through this write-up, we have explained the easiest methods to perform the Elan touchpad driver update. In our opinion, you should try Bit Driver Updater for ensuring automatic and genuine driver updates. This tool can fix all the faulty drivers in just one click.

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