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How to Update and Reinstall Touchpad Drivers on Windows 10,8,7


Touchpads were designed to replace the mouse and provide convenience to users while working on their laptops. But the touchpad is prone to errors due to hardware problems such as touchpad freezing, touchpad disabled issue, touchpad lagging issues, and so on. 

Users need to fix these various problems time and again. Update and reinstall of the touchpad drivers is the most potential fix among all the available solutions to fix touchpad drivers.

The touchpad drivers can malfunction when users upgrade to Windows 10 OS due to hardware compatibility problems.

Therefore, we have prepared a tutorial to guide you on how to install touchpad drivers for Windows 10 computers. 

Universal Method: To Update Touchpad Drivers

As mentioned above, most of the time the touchpad fails to function properly due to outworn or missing touchpad drivers. 

Under such a scenario, the most effective method of updating the touchpad drivers is with the help of the best free driver updater tool. The ITL driver updater qualifies as the best driver updater software due to its outstanding features. 

Therefore, you can acquire this tool from the below link and begin optimizing your system performance with it.

Windows-Download button

Below are a few other ways that you can use to fix touchpad not working issue.

Methods to Update and Reinstall Touchpad Drivers:

You can reinstall as well as update touchpad drivers according to the below methods and thereby make your laptop touchpad functional again.

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Method 1: Reinstall Touchpad Driver with Device Manager

You can reinstall touchpad drivers with the help of the Device Manager in the following way but before reinstallation, you will need to uninstall the touchpad drivers.

  • Open the Device Manager by typing it in the Windows search box.
  • Scroll down to locate the Mice and other pointing devices and click to expand it.
  • Then, right-click on the touchpad drivers to choose the option of “Uninstall.”

Inkedright-click on the touchpad drivers to choose the option of Uninstall

  • In the subsequent prompt, tick the option to delete the driver package from the system as well.
  • Let the uninstallation process complete.
  • You can then choose the Action menu located at the top of the Device Manager and then further select the “Scan for Hardware changes.

select the Scan for Hardware changes

  • This would make Windows detect the missing touchpad drivers.
  • It will then search and install the touchpad drivers on Windows 10, 8, and 7 easily.
  • A system reboot would be required further to bring the changes in effect.

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Method 2: Update Touchpad Drivers Automatically

You can update the touchpad drivers along with all the other device drivers with the best-in-class driver updater software – ITL Driver Updater. How this tool helps your system is outlined in the lines ahead:

ITL Driver updater software

This is a top-notch tool capable of auto-scanning the whole system for recognizing the outdated, missing, or bad device drivers.

Not only this, it is also capable of backing up and restoring all the system drivers. This best driver updater tool offers a one-click feature to update all the problematic device drivers at one go, thereby saving the time of users immensely. It has a large driver database to support all sorts of driver updates.

Simple Steps to Update Touchpad Drivers:

Step 1: Install the ITL Driver Updater in your system.

Step 2: Auto-scan the system with the tool.

Step 3: You can then update the touchpad drivers by clicking the Update button.

Step 4: Ultimately the driver software will install the latest touchpad drivers on your computer.

Step 5: Reboot the system to finish the installation process.

Windows-Download button

Method 3: Update Touchpad Drivers with Device Manager

Another way to update the touchpad drivers is via the Device Manager. This is a manual method using the in-built Windows app and requires a bit of your time to complete the process. To do this, you can refer to the below steps.

  • Hit the Windows key + X key to launch the Device Manager window.
  • Find the touchpad drivers and click right on it to invoke the context menu.
  • Further, select the “Update driver” option.
  • You will see a pop-up window opening on your screen in which you will have to select the “Search drivers automatically” option.

Update Driver Software

  • This will let Windows find and install the updated version of the touchpad drivers on the system.

Few Other Ways to Fix the Touchpad:

These are a few other ways to ensure that your touchpad is working smoothly and properly again. If the touchpad driver update has already been done as per the above-described methods but hasn’t sorted the problem yet, then you can use the following methods to fix the touchpad.

Method 1: Enable ELAN

You can use the below path to enable ELAN:

Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad > Related Settings > click Additional mouse options > ELAN tab > tap on your device > click Enable.

Method 2: Enable ETD Service

To do this, you can use the below-provided steps:

  • Launch the Task Manager and head to the Services tab.
  • Enable the ETD service in this tab and then restart the system.

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Method 3: Disconnect USB Devices

You can try removing all the USB peripherals to see if there is any interference from them that is impacting the touchpad’s functionality. 


Therefore, now you know how to reinstall and update the touchpad drivers by yourself. When you are considering updating the touchpad drivers, then updating it with the help of ITL Driver Updater is the best method as recommended by experts. If you still have any queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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