Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue [Troubleshoot Guide]

Is your PS4 controller not charging? If so, then here you will get to know how you can fix this issue very easily. But for this, you have to read the entire write-up. So, let’s read it!

There are numerous kinds of PS4 errors that stop you to play games accurately including BSOD, connecting issue, and many more. But, currently, many of the users have complained about the PS4 charging issue. PlayStation 4 controller not charging issue is quite common and especially to those users who are using the charging cable as well for connection. Batteries, charging slots, and charging cables are the culprits that cause this issue. But, no need to worry, if you are one of them who is encountering this common but annoying issue then here is a complete guide that explains to you how to fix it. So, let’s switch to the next section!

How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue

So, when you try to plug your PS4 controller with the charging cable, then you may have experienced that the light on the front of it, doesn’t ignite up. This is because your PS4 controller not charging. In order to fix this issue, try the below-listed methods!

Fix 1: Reset your PS4 Controller

Commonly, the PS4 controller not charging occurs because of the malfunctions of the controller itself. So, initially, we suggest you reset your PS4 controller to its default settings. And, if you don’t know how to do it, then here are the steps that you are required to follow.

Step 1:- Locate the reset button of your controller which is presented at the back of your controller under the L2 button. And, it is a very little hole.


Step 2:- Now, you have to put a toothpick or similar thing within a hole and hit the button, hold it down for a while, and after some time-release it.

Step 3:- After this, your controller will then start again. Now, try to charge it again in order to see if the PS4 controller not charging fix or not.

So, this is how simply you can reset your controller in no time. After resetting the PS4 controller, try to charge it in order just to detect if the PS4 controller not charging issue has solved or not.

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Fix 2: Run Power Cycle

Just in case, if your PS4 controller is in an error state, then it possibly results in PS4 Controller won’t charge issue. Hence, to rectify this error, you can run the power cycle, here is what you need to do!

Step 1:- Switch on the PS4 controller and console completely.

Step 2:- Then, disconnect the main power supply cable from the slot of the console. And, after the 10 – 15 minutes hold the power button of PS4 for 30 seconds approximately to remove all the left energy.

After all this, you can re-connect the cable of the console and try to charge it just to ensure whether the PS4 charging cable not working issue solved or not. If it still remains the same then try the other fixes.

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Fix 3: Look over the Charging Ports of your PS4 Controller

Maybe, there is a fault in the charging ports of the PS4 controller that hinders the smooth working of it. So, it would be good enough to make sure that the charging ports of your controller is working perfectly. For doing so, you will have to require the same charging wire and connect it to another controller.

If the other controller is charging properly with the same wire, then it is glassy clear that there is a fault in the charging ports of the PS4 controller. That indicates, the PS4 controller charging port not working. Therefore, you need to replace or change the charging ports of the PS4 controller with the new one.

Fix 4: Check the Charging Cable of your PS4 Controller

In addition to charging ports, charging cables can be the culprit because of which your PS4 controller won’t charge. So, you require to see if there is an issue with the charging cable. In order to check the charging cables, you can connect it to another controller if it is working then there is a problem with the ports. Or, just in case if it doesn’t work then you need to change the USB cable. Because the USB cable or charging cable has defected.

Charging Cable

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Fix 5: Change the Batteries of your PS4 Controller

If you’ve tried all the above solutions, and still your PS4 controller not charging then what else you could try. So, there is the last solution that will surely fix the issue and which is changing the batteries of the PS4 controller.

Because, you are using your PS4 controller for so long, therefore, they have got die or lost all its charging capabilities. So, try to replace the batteries of your PS4 controller in the course to fix PS4 controller not charging issue. This will surely lead your way!

PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue (Fixed)

Luckily, now when you familiar with how to fix the PS4 controller not charging issue, so you can play games smoothly without any sort of hindrance. Isn’t it? Of course, this troubleshooting guide entirely explains how you can rectify all the errors regarding the very same. Still, if there is anything that you want to share with us, then do tell us through the comment box below. We’ll surely hear you out. And, do not forget to subscribe to our Newsletter for more such write-ups to solve tech-related queries. That’s all! We’ll come back sooner, till then, Happy Playing!

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