How to Fix Esc Key Not Working on Windows 10 {Solved}

There are numerous solutions available to fix ESC key not working on Windows 10, let’s discuss the most robust and effective ones in this write-up below.

The keyboard plays an extremely crucial role in your overall computing experience. And, encountering any issue with the corresponding keyboard buttons is more daunting. Presently, a lot of reports are doing rounds over the web disclosing that many users are facing an “ESC key not working” error on Windows 10. There can be many causes behind this error and many troubleshooting tips too.

All-In-One Solution to Fix ESC Key not Working on Windows 10 (Highly-Recommended)

But, before we move towards the solutions, here is one important suggestion that can make sure the proper functioning of all the keyboard keys and is keyboard drivers. So, it’s crucial to ensure that keyboard drivers are whether associated with their most up-to-date version. If the respective keyboard drivers are out-of-date or missing then you need to replace them with the newest ones instantly.

Since you may know, that drivers are crucial software that let your hardware devices interact with your Windows operating system in an accurate manner as they should do. Hence, ensuring the tip-top condition of the keyboard drivers can fix the ESC key not working issue. To update the keyboard drivers you have multiple tactics available i.e, via manufacturer’s official website, Device Manager, or through driver updater tool. But using a reliable driver updater tool is more worthwhile than others.

A best driver update tool can save a lot of time by updating the drivers automatically. Whereas, if you choose to update drivers through the official website of manufacturers or any other manual approach then it takes a lot of time as well as special technical knowledge especially about the drivers. Therefore, technical professionals advise using a driver updater tool. While talking about the most secure platform for updating the drivers, no one can miss out to mention Bit Driver Updater.

It is one of the most powerful driver updater software which has multiple features to ensure that you are getting the best from your machine and hardware devices. It has an in-built PC optimizer that can level up the overall performance of your PC by up to 50%. Along with updating the drivers, you can diagnose the other Windows-related errors through this one-stop solution. Bit Driver Updater has gained the trust of millions of users on a global range because of its robust features, smooth and effortless functioning.

Coming back to the discussion, so you can deal with the ESC key not functioning problem just by updating the respective drivers frequently. Try universal Bit Driver Updater to do the task ease. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Firstly, download the Bit Driver Updater on your system. You can try it for free from the download button given below.

Windows-Download button

Step 2: After this, run the exe.file of the utility and complete the installation by executing the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Then, launch the tool on your system, and from the left click on the Scan button to get scanning started.

Bit Driver Updater-Best Driver Updater

Step 4: Next, wait until scanning is completed, then go through the list of outdated drivers that appeared on your screen.

 Step 5: Furthermore, navigate to the respective keyboard drivers that need to be updated. And, click on the Update Now button which is presented next to it.

list of all drivers using bit driver updater

That is it! Give a thumbs up to yourself as you have installed the most up-to-date drivers on your PC hassle-free. Plus, you can update the rest of the outdated drivers as well, along with the keyboard drivers just with a single click of your mouse. For this, you must have a subscription to the pro version of the Bit Driver Updater. The pro version of the tool offers some much-needed advanced features that make this driver updation much easier including backup & restore, one-click driver update, 24/7 technical support, and whatnot.

If after updating the drivers, still you are unable to fix the ESC key not working problem on Windows 10. Then, keep calm and jump to the next section below, where we have listed some of the best troubleshooting solutions which you can consider to fix the improper behavior of your ESC key. So, without any further hustle let’s step forward towards another section to know more.

Easy & Quick Solutions to Fix ESC Key Not Working on Windows 10

Have a look at some of the best fixes to bring the proper functioning of the ESC keyboard button back.

Solution 1: Try Keys Combination

When you close any application or service in one press of the ESC key, then it is possible to face the “ESC key not working issue”. To fix this real annoyance you can initially try the keys combination. For so many users trying this tactic has worked and offered a better user experience as well. You just simply need to hit the SHIFT + ESC key simultaneously to close the running programs and services. Try this and check to see if the problem is fixed.

Solution 2: Try Windows Keyboard Troubleshooter

After trying the keys combination still, you can’t fix the issue then seek help from the Windows in-built troubleshooter. Windows in-built troubleshooter can find the possible errors and may also fix them automatically. So, here are the steps you need to follow to run the Windows Keyboard troubleshooter.

Step 1: Firstly, head to the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows logo and I key at a time.

Step 2: Then, choose Update & Security from the available options.

click on the Update & Security option
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Step 3: Next, from the left pane, locate and choose Troubleshoot.

Step 4: After this, from the right pane scroll down to the Keyboard section and expand it.

Step 5: Lastly, to run the final procedure click on Run the Troubleshooter.

click on Run the Troubleshooter

Wait and let the troubleshoot find and resolve the problems. Later on, restart your PC. This is how to fix ESC key not working on Windows 10 through the Windows utility program.

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Solution 3: Disable Filter Keys

Another way to get rid of this inconvenience is by disabling the filter keys. To turn off the filter keys here are the steps you have to follow:

Step 1: To launch the Control Panel, you need to first open the Run dialog box by hitting Windows + R keys at a time.

Step 2: Then, type Control inside the Run box and click on the OK button.

Type Control in Run Box

Step 3: After this, in the Control Panel choose the Ease of Access option. Then, click on the Change how your keyboard works under the Ease of Access Center option.

Step 4: In the next prompt, locate Filter keys and unmark the box presented beside Turn on Filter Keys.

Step 5: To save the changes, click on the Apply and then Ok option.

click on the Apply

Now, you have disabled the filter key, check to see whether the ESC key not working on Windows 10 fixed or not.

Solution 4: Use Anti-Malware Program

If none of the above-listed troubleshooting hacks have worked, then as a final ploy you can scan your overall PC with the most promising anti-malware software. Many times, your keyboard starts behaving erratically due to malware issues. Hence, scanning with anti-malware can fix the errors with keyboard keys like the ESC key not working.

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ESC Key Not Working on Windows 10 (FIXED)

So, these were some of the best strategies you can try in order to deal with the bad working of ESC key. All the aforementioned provided above have worked for many users and the same can goes for you as well. In our opinion, frequently updating the drivers can fix the issue. So, for frequent and genuine driver updates, it is advisable to use Bit Driver Updater. Do tell us in the comments below which method has worked for you.

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