How to Fix Logitech M185 Mouse Not Working Windows 11/10

This article throws light on the quickest and easiest fixes to the issues if your Logitech M185 mouse is not working.

Logitech is well-known for making the most reliable computer peripherals. M185 is also one of the best plug-and-play wireless mouse devices from Logitech. However, recently many users reported that the Logitech M185 mouse is not working.

We understand that mouse problems can create a lot of annoyance. Hence, this article acquaints you with the tried and tested ways to fix the Logitech M185 mouse not working issue.

However, before discussing the solutions, let us take a look at why the problem occurred in the first place. You may fix the issue easily if you know what may have triggered it. Hence, the following section discusses the same.

Why Logitech M185 Mouse Is Not Working

The following may be reasons you are experiencing the Logitech M185 mouse not working problem.

  • The mouse is switched off
  • PC not recognizing the USB dongle
  • Outdated Logitech M185 driver for Windows 10/11
  • Improperly installed or incorrect driver for Logitech M185 mouse
  • Problems with the USB port
  • Battery issues
  • Interference from other electrical items

Any of the above issues may lead to the Logitech M185 mouse not working issue. After learning the possible causes, let us learn how to fix the problem.

Fixes for the Logitech M185 Mouse Not Working Issue

You may try the following solutions to fix the issues if your Logitech M185 mouse is not working.

Fix 1: Ensure the mouse is not turned off

The Logitech M185 mouse may not be working if its power switch is turned off. Therefore, before performing more complicated troubleshooting, you should ensure that your mouse is not switched off. If the mouse is turned off, you may switch it on using the power switch at the mouse’s back.

Fix 2: Check the USB dongle

If you use the mouse and the USB dongle (that comes with the mouse and fits into any one of the computer’s USB slots) for long periods, the PC may fail to recognize the dongle. And, it may be a reason your Logitech M185 mouse is not working. Therefore, you may perform the following actions to check and fix the dongle issues.

  • Take the dongle off from the USB port.
  • Reset the mouse. To perform the mouse reset, unhook the battery compartment, replace the existing battery with a new one, close the battery panel, and switch on the mouse.
  • If the above steps did not work, try using another USB port.

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Fix 3: Uninstall the mouse driver and install it again

If your Logitech M185 mouse is not working, the reason could be a problem with the mouse driver installed on your device. Hence, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver can help you fix the problem. Below is how to do it.

Device Manager

  • Click and expand the category titled Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Right-click your Logitech M185 mouse to Uninstall device using the menu that appears.

Uninstall option - Networkl

  • Delete the driver software for this device and Uninstall the device.
  • Choose Action from the Device Manager’s menu and Scan for hardware changes.
  • Once the scanning is complete, you may restart the PC.

Fix 4: Update the Logitech M185 mouse driver (Recommended)

Outdated drivers are no less than a menace to your device. They are often the primary culprit behind almost every problem you may experience, like the Logitech M185 mouse not working.

Hence, you may update the Windows 10/11 Logitech M185 driver to fix the issue. Now, if you have started imagining the tiring and time-consuming manual ways to update the driver, please hold on as we have something for you.

You may download the Logitech M185 driver with almost zero effort using an automatic program like Bit Driver Updater. With the Bit Driver Updater software, you may update all drivers automatically with a click.

Moreover, it boasts many other extremely useful features. Some of these features include backup and restoration of presently installed drivers, scheduled device scanning, acceleration of the speed of driver downloads, and a lot more.

Below is the link you may click on to download the Bit Driver Updater program and install it.Windows-Download buttonWithin a couple of seconds of the installation, you get all the outdated drivers listed on your screen. You may go through the list carefully and Update All drivers to the newest possible version.

There is also an Update Now option to download and install the Logitech M185 mouse driver update for Windows 10/11 singly. However, updating all drivers is always the most recommended option if you wish to get the best device performance.

Update all drivers

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Fix 5: Try changing the USB port

Sometimes, the USB port may not supply enough power to your mouse, resulting in the Logitech M185 mouse not working. Hence, using another USB port may help you get rid of the problem you are experiencing.

Fix 6: Test the receiver on any other computer

A defective receiver can also be a reason you are encountering the Logitech M185 mouse not working issue. Hence, you should try testing it on another computer to solve the problem. The following are the steps to test it on another computer.

  • Launch Device Manager on your other computer.
  • Click on the section of Mice and other pointing devices to view their details.
  • Try plugging the receiver into any of the USB ports of the PC.
  • If another computer recognizes the receiver, you get an HID-compliant mouse in the Mice and other pointing devices category of the Device Manager.

Fix 7: Change the batteries

The Logitech M185 mouse needs AA alkaline batteries for its power supply. In case of problematic batteries, the mouse will not be working. Hence, you may remove the batteries and insert them again to check if it fixes the issue.

If reinserting the batteries does not solve the problem, you may replace them with a new set of batteries.

Fix 8: Use the mouse on another surface far away from some electrical items

Electrical items like cellular phones may interfere with the mouse’s signal, causing problems like the Logitech  mouse not working. Therefore, you should keep the mouse and receiver on a non-metal surface far away from the interfering devices.

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Logitech M185 Mouse Not Working: Fixed

Through this article, we discussed the best possible fixes to the Logitech M185 mouse not working problem. You may go through the above guide and implement the solutions one by one to fix the issue.

However, we recommend updating the drivers with Bit Driver Updater straight away if you do not wish to try all the fixes.

That is all for now and we will return soon with another troubleshooting guide. Until then, we hope you will remain connected to our blog.

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